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“We train canines, one human at a time”

About Us:

Canine Companion Consulting’s

mission is to enhance the dog and human relationship by assisting humans to better understand dog culture and behavior which results in a happy, well trained dog. 

Dogs aim to please. However, it is often difficult for them to understand what their human is asking since we don’t always speak the same language. Our goal is to help you find  that shared pool of meaning  resulting in greater understanding and enhanced connection with your canine companion.

Dogs are not humans dressed in fur coats; they have a culture of their own. We teach you to train your dog while considering dog culture. This  is achieved through positive  and humane efforts  using learning  theory. Dog training will be a fun and  rewarding  experience for both you and your Canine Companion!

A well-trained dog will make no attempts to share your lunch. He will just make you feel so guilty that you cannot enjoy it.

Beth Friedman, MPA, LCSW

Chief Canine Consultant

Fort Collins, CO


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Canine Companion Consulting is owned and operated locally in Fort Collins, Colorado. We provide positive training for your dog, young or old, big or small.  We offer private sessions in the comfort of your home as well as group sessions, agility training, public classes, and sponsored events. We make dog training fun and exciting by working with you to better understand your Canine Companion.