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You DON'T Have to use Mean or Harsh Methods to get Results

Finally! Train your Dog with Positive Reinforcement Techniques that Actually Work.

Would you like to:


•Have a Well Behaved Dog?


•Reduce your Dog's Separation Anxiety?


•Understand How your Dog Views the World?


"Beth and Wayne are dog AND people whisperers! Our German Shepherd -- and her people -- are much smarter after just one session with Beth and Wayne. We're looking forward to more learning and more fun with them! We’ve learned more from Beth and Wayne than in all our years of college, graduate school, and life!"

-Sherry G. & Cassie

Dear Local Dog Owner,

If you want to walk your dog without leash pulling OR aggressiveness, we can help. If your dog has separation anxiety and tears up the house when you're gone, we can help. If you want a dog that doesn't bark or growl at strangers, or even if you just want to enrich your relationship with your dog, then this is the most important information you'll read all year!

Here's why...

Training your dog will result in a lifetime of happiness. You and your dog will build an incredible, loving relationship. We use positive research based training techniques that get results. You will never have to be embarrassed of your dog's behavior again. We customize the training to fit your individual needs. You will never have to come home to a destroyed home due to your dog having separation anxiety. You will learn how to take your dog for a walk without jumping, pulling, or barking. The goal is to help you achieve an understanding of your puppy and have an enhanced relationship with your Canine Companion!




"We highly recommend Canine Companion Consulting! We recently rescued a dog and have been working with Canine Companion Consulting in private sessions for almost 4 weeks. In addition to the private sessions, we have access to daily support by email and phone, which has allowed us to manage small behavior changes in between sessions. It's my understanding that this is not a benefit offered by most dog trainers, and we have found this to be extremely helpful! We are so thankful for Beth and Wayne who are providing us with the tools we need to be successful pet parents!"

-Leslie R.




"If you are in need of Pet Training, then I recommend Beth and Wayne of Canine Companion Consulting because they help you see that it's really both of you (you and your dog) that need training.  It's all about communication and they have fun and creative ways to develop that necessary communication. 
On the more business side of the fence, they are super organized, always prompt, flexible when necessary, available with new ideas, and always compassionate.  Best investment you can make !!"

-Jean-Marie L.




"These people truly understand dogs I would recommend them for any situation very nice people incredibly knowledgeable every minute that your dog spends with them is very worth it our dog was and extremely anxious German Shepherd that we were mistaken as aggression and now we have a calm well behaved German Shepherd excellent job on their behalf they pinpointed the problems within minutes gave us helpful tools and great explanations for them I just can't say enough."


-Nick C.

Here's how and why we can make you this promise...


My name is Wayne Bolen and I'm an Expert Dog Trainer.

My wife Beth and I have been training canines in the Northern Colorado area using positive, research based methods since 2007. Beth is a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (CDBC) through the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC), is a Certified Fear Free Professional, Aggression in Dogs Certified, and has a graduate degree in behavior, and I have a graduate degree in education.

Our Dog Training courses give you everything you need to understand your dog. We walk you through our proven training process every step of the way.

Start enjoying your dog's companionship by learning how your dog thinks.
The fact is, as humans, we also need training.

"We love how Canine Companion Consulting is helping us with our puppy's training! They are professional teachers and trainers who focus on helping dog parents understand the "why" behind the "what"!  I highly recommend them for all dog owners, no matter what stage of life! We love CCC! They are wonderful teachers, and experienced dog handlers! We plan to continue taking more classes with them!"

-Dyane R.

“Beth is a miracle worker. We have a very large one-year-old Labrador Retriever named Jake that refused to cooperate with us. Jake would pull on his leash until he almost passed out, go crazy at the sound of a doorbell, jump up on our guests, and steal remotes and all other household items for his personal enjoyment. We put in hours and hours upon work with him, but he was simply not getting it. Beth in one short hour showed us that we were simply training him all wrong. She showed us proper techniques and methods to reinforce his good deeds and deter his bad habits. We would recommend Beth to all owners of a rambunctious or mischievous dog or puppy. We will be using Beth again for our Pug puppy, Dublin , who we anticipate will be a handful when he grows up.”

-Stacy and Josh

Here's Just The Tip of The Iceberg of What You Get...

  • You'll get the Best Private Dog Training Money can buy

  • You'll understand the theory behind our methods & be able to incorporate the concepts for a lifetime

  • You'll skip past all the mistakes and obstacles that stop MOST dog owners from having success, and go right to the methods that work

  • You'll know why your dog is barking or showing aggression

  • You'll never have to deal with the embarrassment of a misbehaved dog

  • You'll be able to ease the pain of your dog's separation anxiety


"Before we had Beth and Wayne help us with our dog, we couldn't even cut his nails or we could not take him to the vet without him freaking out and not letting anyone touch him. Our dog had fear aggression, so we asked Beth and Wayne to help us out. After few private lessons we started to understand how to handle our dog, so he started to be nicer to us and strangers. We could start introducing him to new people and trimming his nails without him barking or nibbling at us."

-Olga S.

  • You will know that your dog isn't lonely or sad when you leave for the day

  • You will enjoy dog walks and having your dog socialize at the park

  • Other dog owners will notice how well behaved your dog is

  • The training is in the comfort of your own home, a familiar environment where your dog can thrive

  • We live right here in Northern Colorado, so you'll always be able to get a hold of us

Plus, You Get These Bonuses For Acting Now...
Bonus #1: Custom Dog Training Report

When you purchase our training package, you get an individualized canine consultation report that captures the main points of the session, so you always have something to refer to. This report is updated after every session.

Real Value: $150 to $250


Bonus #2: Two Trainers for the Price of One!

We are a husband and wife team and attend all of our private sessions together, so you get another expert's perspective absolutely FREE!


Real Value: $300 to $400

Bonus #3: 2 FREE Lessons

As part of this offer, we are discounting the per session rate by $211. That is like getting Two more lessons absolutely FREE!

Real Value: $211

Bonus #4: FREE Journal Book

With the purchase of a ten-hour package, you will also receive a free gift of a refillable Inspiral® notebook from Komtrak® while supplies last!

Real Value: $20 to $25

Bonus #5: No Extra Charge for Multiple Dogs

We work with you and any number of your dogs, all at no extra charge. We encourage your whole family to participate so everyone benefits from learning how dogs think and learn.

Real Value: $100 to $300


As you can see, these bonuses have a total value of between $650 and $1000... but they're yours free when you act now!

To your lifelong canine companion!


Wayne Bolen


P.S. - Get started today and begin to fully enjoy a beautiful relationship with your dog. We love our dogs and this program will allow you to enrich your relationship with your dog for years to come!

With Canine Companion Consulting You Get...

Personalized canine behavior consulting in your home, or wherever the behaviors are occurring. We come to you, days, evenings, or weekends; even some holidays. We work with you and your canine companion, every step of the way. You get special, individualized dog training instruction by certified dog professionals, so you will finally understand your dog. You learn about the right tools and methods that will result in a well-trained dog!

You get all of this for only $799...

Here's How To Order Right Now

Go ahead and click the order link now and you'll be on your way to enjoying all the benefits we've talked about here and more! Let's get started right now!

Canine Companion Consulting

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