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Keeping Things Interesting

Have you ever had a boring, dead-end job? Perhaps you worked on a project that was tedious and unfulfilling. Or maybe, you were stuck someplace with nothing to do. Each of these scenarios depicts you in a place that is significantly lacking in enrichment. Wouldn’t you want something fun and rewarding to do, especially in those moments? That is very likely how our dogs feel from time to time, though they may express those feelings in very different ways. Dogs are just as interested in doing fun things as we are, perhaps more so. 

We believe that dogs should be engaged in fun, rewarding, and most importantly, enriching activities daily. The best and easiest way to do this is to feed your dogs using some kind of food puzzle toy. This can be a toy you purchased at a store (or from us) or it can be something you make or do with your dog, such as the examples shown here on our Youtube channel. It could be as simple as teaching your dog the game “Find it!” and tossing some kibble or treats in your backyard for your dog to sniff out. Using their noses is extremely enriching for dogs. Another option, if appropriate, is to enroll in a group class

Giving your dog something to do, some kind of challenge, not only enriches them but builds their problem-solving skills so they can become more self-reliant and resilient. Not to mention that watching your dog solve these puzzles can be entertaining for us humans as well.

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