Separation Anxiety Training

What is Separation Anxiety?

Separation anxiety is an excessive fear or worry about being apart from an attachment figure.

How Common is Separation Anxiety?

Separation Anxiety is a very common behavioral concern in dogs. Studies vary but indicate that up to 20% of all dogs have separation anxiety on some level and account for up to 40% of dogs referred to trainers or behaviorists.  [Sargisson, 2014]


Separation anxiety can manifest itself in many ways. Symptoms of separation anxiety can be, but are not limited to: inappropriate elimination, destructive behavior, barking, whining, panting, and not being able to settle when the attachment figure is not present. Not only can this be extremely stressful for the dog, but also for the pet parents.



The good news is that separation anxiety can be treated. The anxiety will not go away over time on its own. To start, it is essential that you not leave your dog alone during the treatment phase. Be creative about how you can do this, such as daycare, bringing your dog to work with you, or having your dog stay with friends or family, are possible options. We will work closely with you on this journey. We will provide you with tested and proven techniques that will help guide your dog towards being comfortable and confident while you are away.

How Long Will This Take?

The most frequent question we are asked is “How long will this training take to get my dog comfortable being home alone?” Every dog is different and will progress at different rates. While we cannot guarantee success within a pre-determined deadline, we can guarantee that we will be with you every step of the way to support you and your canine companion on your journey.



These techniques are implemented by you, with our guidance, via remote conferencing. This is considered the “Gold Standard” for separation anxiety training. If a trainer is present in your home, your canine companion may behave differently than when it is just you and your family, and therefore, may appear to be better or worse than she really is.

We use simple, yet effective, technology to work through this. If technology is not your strong point, we will coach you until you are comfortable with its use. We have videos and tutorials to assist you. We will use Zoom to meet weekly.



This monthly program includes one meeting each week, or 4 one-hour meetings a month, 4 days each week of individualized protocols based on your dog’s progress, unlimited support with a certified trainer via phone, email, or text, and the expertise of a certified, professional dog trainer with specialized training in separation anxiety. We want you to have every tool at our disposal to help you be successful in helping your anxious pup.


The fee for the monthly program is $850


Canine Companion Consulting provides remote training to dogs that have Separation Related Anxiety and Distress. Separation anxiety can easily be treated remotely. You will have the support of a certified trainer in the comfort of your home at your convenience. We use simple technology to bring the training to your home. We will coach and observe you training your dog.  We will provide you with an assessment and the treatment protocols taught to you, added to your personalized written document. We are also available between scheduled appointments to answer your questions and to be a resource and support to you.


Register here to sign up for the monthly program. All training sessions must be completed within one month of purchase.


Sargisson R. Canine separation anxiety: strategies for treatment and management. Vet Med (Auckl). 2014;5:143-151