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Separation Anxiety Training

Private In-Person and Remote


One of Canine Companion Consulting’s specialties is Separation Anxiety. Separation Anxiety is a very common behavioral concern in dogs. Studies vary, but indicate that up to 20% of all dogs have separation anxiety on some level and account for up to 40% of dogs referred to trainers or behaviorists.  Separation anxiety can manifest itself in many ways. Symptoms of separation anxiety can be but is not limited to inappropriate elimination, destroying things within the household, barking, whining, panting and not being able to settle when the pet parent is not present. Some dogs are attached to a particular person and some dogs just need someone or another animal present. Not only can it be extremely stressful for the dog, but also for the pet parents.


We highly recommend that all pet parents video their dog when they are left alone to see what the dog does in your absence. Use your smart phone, iPad or laptop to video. The video will confirm if your dog is anxious when left alone and we can also see what your dog’s baseline behaviors are. Email us to send you a link to our Dropbox to send us a video.

If you have confirmed that your dog is anxious when alone, try not to leave your dog during the treatment phase. Daycare and having your dog stay with friends and family are possible options.

For certified, in-person training, where we come to you, see our Private, Personalized Training information. We can focus on Separation Anxiety, as well as any other behaviors you wish to include.


The good news is that separation anxiety can be treatable. However, the process does take time. Canine Companion Consulting provides remote training for dogs that have Separation Anxiety and Distress. You will have the support of a certified trainer in the comfort of your home at your convenience. We use simple technology to bring the training to your home. Once you make an appointment with us, we will provide you with a written document after each training session that contains the treatment protocols and our evaluation. We are also available in between scheduled appointments to answer your questions and to be a resource and support to you.

We highly recommend that you journal daily so you can see your progress and it will help us determine how to proceed at our next session.

Join our Facebook support group for pet parents dealing with separation anxiety.

Remote Training Initial Consultation is $70.00

Six hours of remote training is $480.00

Register here to sign up for a Remote Training package. All training sessions must be completed within one year of purchase.