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For Pet Professionals

At Canine Companion Consulting, we train dogs one human at a time, using positive, research-based methods. We strive to work as a team with all pet professionals working with the canine companion with the goal of a happy, healthy, and well-trained dog.

The Canine Companion Consulting assurance:

We work with clients in their homes where the dog is often most comfortable, We work out-and-about parks or other locations the concerning behaviors are occurring. We have a training studio where we conduct private sessions and classes. We are happy to attend medical or grooming appointments with our clients at your facility if that is helpful to the pet parents' goals. We also have a variety of group classes that we routinely hold and can conduct classes you request at your facility or ours.

To support pet professionals, we have designed a Happy Handling Program to help pet professionals create a safer, more productive, and less stressful environment.

Veterinary care and grooming can be stressful for the dog, pet parent, and pet professionals. Reducing stress and anxiety results in a more productive practice and increased likelihood pet parents will participate in needed preventative and routine care.


We have designed a cooperative care program called Happy Handling that can be offered to canines of all ages, either as a group class or privately, depending on the client. We collaborate with the pet parent and pet professional to find out what will work best for each canine companion. We consult with veterinarians and groomers to find out what they recommend and are striving for. We work as a team to target the Happy Handling every dog deserves.


Happy Handling results in a lifetime of stress-free grooming, medical appointments, nail trims, teeth brushing, hair brushing, vaccinations, medical exams, baths, and much more! This program, designed by an Elite Certified Fear Free Professional, is for all canine companions, young and old alike. Our canine consultants will help pet parents teach their Canine Companions that Happy Handling is a fun and positive experience. With Happy Handling, your Hospital or Salon will become a safer, more productive, and more comfortable environment for all.



  • Car rides to the hospital or groomer

  • Getting from the car to the exam room

  • Being comfortable in the hospital or salon in general

  • Chin rest for exam, vaccinations, and blood draw

  • Being comfortable with grooming and nail trims

  • Being comfortable with handling

  • Obtaining a weight on a scale

  • Stand on cue

  • Laying on the dog's side on cue

  • Relaxation techniques

  • Muzzle training for safety

  • Other behaviors deemed by you and your staff to be helpful



  • Desensitization and Counterconditioning

  • Behavior vs. Emotion

  • Preparing for an appointment


Our goal is to collaborate and cooperate with the pet parents, veterinarians, and groomers as a team, to achieve Happy Handling for every Canine Companion.

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