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Group Classes

***Not all dog training classes are offered at all times. Check our Registration page for currently available classes and seminars. All classes are managed by up to two Canine Behavior Consultants, and are certified and insured.***


Canine Training - Beginners

This class is for dogs of all ages and includes learning new behaviors such as focus, attention, loose leash walking, polite greetings, sit and down stay, beginning steps of coming when called, leave it, drop it, go to your bed/mat and much more. The class will include "Principles of Dog Training" as well as novel stimuli to assist your dog to be comfortable and confident in the environment. Limited to 6 dogs per class.

6 weeks | Sign up now!

Canine Training - Intermediate

This class is for canines that already know the basics. We will work with each dog/human team to take your dog training to the next level. The class will include the "Principles of Dog Training". This class prepares you and your canine for the AKC Canine Good Citizen, (CGC) a 10-item test that demonstrates that your canine has the training and behaviors needed to be a reliable, well-behaved member of the community. This class will also prepare you and your dog for therapy dog work. Limited to 6 dogs per class.

6 weeks | Sign up now!

Mind, Body, Nose

Exercise your canine’s mind, body, and nose by enrolling in this hybrid class that will instill confidence and focus in your canine. Learn and strengthen behaviors such as recall and stay while exploring agility equipment and scenting. No previous experience or classes are needed. Limited to 6 dogs per class.

5 weeks | Sign up now!

Agility For Fun

This class is ideal for fun, focus, and fitness. This introduction to agility will work on helping your canine focus, build motivation, and introduces your dog to the obstacles on an agility course. No previous experience or classes are needed. Limited to 6 dogs per class.

6 weeks | Sign up now!

Drop-In Agility

This is a one-hour drop-in class for dogs and pet parents who graduated from our ‘Agility for Fun’ Class and want to have time on the course with their dogs. Some limited instructions will be provided. 

Single Session | Sign up now!

Happy Handling

Is your dog afraid of getting examined by a veterinarian? Terrified of the groomer? Happy Handling results in a lifetime of stressless medical appointments. This class is for all canine companions, young and old alike. Behaviors taught in this class include: preparation for medical exam, the exam itself, getting shots, blood draw, getting on the scale, muzzle training for safety, and much more!

6 Weeks | Sign up now!

Recall & Impulse Control

Do you want your canine companion to pay more attention to you? Listen when you call? How about not impulsively chasing or stealing things? Then this is the class for you and your pup. Learn Recall, Impulse Control, Stay, Focus, Leave-It, and more.

5 weeks | Sign up now!

Therapy Dog Training

Therapy dog certification training for pre-approved dogs in an approved program. This class works towards the certification criteria. 

7 weeks | Sign up now!

Pups in the Park - Puppy Primer

You will learn about puppy behavior including how to house train, crate train, teach your puppy not to put her mouth on humans and objects she shouldn’t, and how to socialize your puppy. Additional behaviors learned will be: sit, stay, leave it, and dropping items. For dogs of all ages.

2 weeks | Sign up now!

Pups in the Park - Polite & Focused Dog

You will learn how to get your dog's attention and focus, to teach your dog not to jump on humans, how to sit, lay down, go to a place, relax, and stay. For dogs of all ages.

2 weeks | Sign up now!

Pups in the Park - Dogs on the Move

You will learn the basics of loose leash walking and come when called. For dogs of all ages.

2 weeks | Sign up now!

From Exuberant to Polite Pup

Do you have a canine companion that just loves everyone and everything but is not polite when greeting humans and dogs?  This 3-week class will teach you and your canine companion the fundamentals of impulse control, some leash walking, polite greetings, stay, and attention.

3 weeks | Sign up now!

Doggie See, Doggie Do!

Teach your dog to copy your behaviors upon request. No previous behaviors or experience is required. Your dog should be comfortable around other dogs and humans. Limited to 4 dogs per class.

6 classes | Sign up now!

Loose Leash Walking

This 2-week class will teach you the basics of loose leash walking. Your dog will learn not to pull you while walking on a leash.

2 Weeks | Sign up now!

Rocket Recall

A great recall can save your canine’s life. This class will teach you how to obtain rocket recall (come when called). Your dog will come flying when you call. Limited to 6 dogs per class.

4 weeks  |  Sign up now!

Mastering Door Behavior

Teach your dog to greet guests politely and calmly. The class will focus on door manners including Sit-Stay, Down-stay, “Go To Your Mat”, polite greetings, and not jumping on guests. Limited to 5 dogs per class.

4 weeks | Sign up now!

View our Group Class Agreement and Enrollment Form. 


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