Happy Handling for Pet Parents

Veterinary care and grooming can be stressful for the dog and pet parent. If your dog can not be handled easily, then it will be very difficult for a pet professional to do their job well. Reducing stress and anxiety associated with going to the veterinarian or groomer helps you stay up-to-date with necessary preventative and routine care. Your trips to the hospital or salon will become easier, less stressful, and more comfortable for you and your canine. 

Happy Handling results in a lifetime of stress-free grooming, medical appointments, nail trims, teeth brushing, hair brushing, vaccinations, medical exams, baths, and much more! This program, designed by a Certified Fear Free Professional, is for all canine companions, young and old alike. This can be done either as private sessions, scheduled at your convenience as a group class in association with your pet professional. We prefer to collaborate with your pet professional, veterinarian, and groomer so we can all be on the same page as it relates to your dog.  For private sessions, we will document a report for you and any pet professionals we are all working with to ensure we are communicating well. We will even attend medical or grooming appointments with you and your dog.


We help pet parents teach their Canine Companions that Happy Handling is a fun and positive experience.


  • Preparation for a visit to pet professional

  • Being comfortable with car rides

  • Being comfortable in the hospital or salon in general

  • Being comfortable with grooming and nail trims

  • Being comfortable with handling for necessary procedures

  • Obtaining a weight on a scale

  • Chin Rest

  • Relaxation techniques for vaccinations, blood draws, and other procedures

  • Muzzle training for safety, if necessary

  • Techniques to reduce stress and anxiety (desensitization and counterconditioning)

  • Other behaviors you find helpful


Our goal is to make any stressful situation a more positive and relaxed experience, to achieve Happy Handling for every Canine Companion.

If this program is of interest to you, contact us, or your pet professional for more information.

You can also try our recorded webinar on Nail Trims with Happy Handling.

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