Remote Training

Remote training is only a click away. There is no need to download anything, create an account log in, or pay any additional fees. If you need coaching on how to use the technology, we are able to guide you and practice with you, FREE of charge. All you need is an internet connection and a device like a phone, laptop or tablet. If you do not have these items available, we are also available by phone to assist you with you canine companion.


Online dog training is just as effective as in person training. Remember, we are training you to train your dog! We will give you detailed instructions during our sessions and in writing after. We will demonstrate with our own dogs and then we will coach you and observe you training your dog. We are available to review videos of you training your dog or view behaviors you are seeing. 


Get the benefits of real-time interactions regarding canine behavioral issues, including instructions, demonstrations, and real-time feedback, in the comfort of your home from a qualified, experienced Certified Canine Behavioral Coach team.


Benefits of Remote Training

  • Honors social distancing

  • Easier on the budget

  • Fewer distractions for your dog

  • You get the same expertise as in person

  • Convenient and flexible scheduling

  • Immediate feedback while you train your dog

  • No travel time

  • It works!


During each session, we will instruct and demonstrate the behaviors to teach with your dog. We will then coach and observe you training your dog.  After each session, we will provide you with an assessment and the treatment protocols taught to you, added to your personalized, written canine behavior report. 


We are also available in between scheduled appointments to answer your questions, to be a resource, and to support you. Your success in training your dog is our goal.



One Hour $85

Three Hour Package $240

Six Hour Package $450

Ten Hour Package $699


You can view our remote training contract here. An electronic e-signature copy will be sent to you upon request or upon making an appointment.

FAQ for Remote Training


Do I need to download any software, create a log in, and provide a password?

No, you just need to click on the link we send you and follow the onscreen instructions.


I am not good with computers how will I be able to do this?

We are happy to teach you how to navigate tele-training for FREE! We are happy to meet with you prior to your scheduled session and talk through how to do this on the phone while you are in front of your computer.


Do you need to see the behaviors we are concerned about to help?

Most of the time we do not need to see the behaviors as long as you can describe them.  We encourage our clients to send us videos of behaviors they are concerned about and their training sessions with their dogs. We have been doing this work since 2007 and have seen most of the behaviors pet parents are concerned about.


How do you train dogs online?

We are actually training you! Notice our tag line: We train dogs one human at a time using positive research based methods. We will describe the behavior modification techniques. We can demonstrate with our own dogs or a demo dog and may show you a short video clip for some behaviors. Then, most importantly, we watch you train your dog. We then coach you as needed.


What do I need to train my dog online?

You will need a device with a camera (smartphone, tablet, or computer), stable internet, your dog, and your dog’s favorite treats.


What if my internet is not stable?

Then we would recommend a phone session and not a video session. We can assess and talk you through what to do with your dog on the phone as well as video chat.


I think I want to wait till I can see you in person. Is that a bad thing?

It can be if your dog is practicing the behaviors you want to eliminate. It may take a bit longer and more time to get the outcomes you want. Also, the more the unwanted behaviors are practiced, the better the dog gets at them, making them harder to change.


Does my family need to be present?

Your family does not need to be present but we recommend that anyone who is involved with the training of your canine companion be present so everyone can ask questions and be on the same page. Consistency with training is helpful.


OK, I want to do this. What’s next?

  1. Schedule an Appointment. Schedule an appointment either by communicating directly with us or online

  2. Purchase a session or package. We can email you a link to purchase a package. 

  3. Sign our Contract. We will then email you a contract that you will sign electronically. You can view that contract at anytime on our web site. 

  4. Confirmation. We will then send you a confirmation email or text which will include a link to join us at our scheduled appointment.

  5. Meet online to conduct our session

  6. Receive our Report. Your personalized Canine Consultation Report will be emailed to you within 24 hours of our session.

  7. We Follow up. We will follow up with you to see if you have any questions. You are encouraged to call, email, or text us with any questions you have.

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