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Being Proactive with Prevention

We humans often try to stay on top of things to prevent them from breaking down. For example, we get routine maintenance for our vehicle so we don't break down. We may also get routine preventative medical exams to ensure we stay healthy. As professional trainers we like to think about preventative care for our canine’s behavior, too. What we mean is if your canine companion is likely to not be successful in a particular situation, then prevent that by setting them up for success. For example, if you know your dog is uncomfortable with the barking dog on your walk, can you create space by walking across the street or taking a different street? If you know your dog is not going to do well with Halloween and trick-or-treaters, what can you do to prevent your dog from charging the door or being afraid of the costumes? Planning ahead and setting up conditions for success, help teach your dog the right things to do when scary things happen. Training to these behaviors is the next step on the road to success.

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