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Canine Companions and Car Rides

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

Statistically speaking, small dogs live longer than large dogs, however we want them ALL to live long and healthy lives. In order for this to happen, our canine companions must receive the necessary routine and preventative care which may include exams, nail trims, vaccinations, treatments, and testing. That all starts with getting canines to their appointments. If our canine companions are stressed in the car, before they even reach the destination, then they may already be stressed for any appointment you may take them to. There are some very easy ways to get your canine companions comfortable with that car ride. A first step could be feeding your canine her meals in the car while the car is not moving or making any noise. Do this in the garage or in your driveway. Once your dog is a comfortable with this step, then maybe you feed your dog some treats while turning the car on and then eventually going around the block. Going at your canine companion’s pace is important. Another consideration may be, is your canine companion getting car sick? Just like humans, dogs can get car sick.  It may be helpful to get your canine companion to your appointment early so they can walk off any bit of car sickness or anxiety. If our canine companions can enjoy that needed care, perhaps they can stay with us longer. Happy Handling training will last your dogs lifetime and perhaps even extend it. 

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