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Change is in the air

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

Change is in the air as school is under way and the summer comes to an end. For some us, our schedules change, sometimes drastically, which could be an adjustment for us and our dogs. They may not get as much of our attention due to busier schedules. We find that during this time of year, pet parents often first realize that their dogs have anxiety when left home alone. The symptoms can be whining, pacing, being unable to settle, howling, barking, destruction, inappropriate elimination, among others. While we have bred our canines to be companions, it is also very possible to teach them to be comfortable being home alone. In general, they will not simply, over time, get used to being alone. They usually require specific training to make this happen. We do this training in person or remotely for pet parents all over the world using simple technology. The first step is to video your dog in your absence so we can see your canine companion’s baseline behaviors. We review this video with you and assess any concerning behaviors. We will document for you our recommendations and behavior modification protocols in a personalized Consultation Report. We can also send that report to any pet professional you want to have that information. We are always available in between appointments to answer your questions as they occur.  We know that anxiety can be debilitating and greatly impacts us and our canine companions. We work as a team to help make your canine companion comfortable as quickly as possible.

In my defense, you left me alone and unsupervised.

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