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Dog and Cats Living Together....

Many of you have multiple species living with you in your home as pets. Sometimes there are conflicts between and among the different species. If there is conflict or chasing, it is best to manage the situation quickly so all the animals feel safe and secure. Imagine living in a household with constant conflict or feeling afraid just to get a drink of water, this could be very stressful for any animal. If the conflict is between a cat and a dog, it may be best at least temporarily to have a dog free zone in the household. This is a place where no dogs are allowed and the cats have all their resources including water, cat box and food. In this way, they don't feel the need to venture out to the dog area to get anything they really need. We recommend you have cat trees or high places in each major room in the home so that the cats can get away from any dog and be safe. Baby gates can also work well to keep all the animals secure. Once the animals are feeling safe, then there are some targeted behavior modification techniques that we can teach the dogs and cats to get along more harmoniously. Let us know if you want us to assist you on that journey.

"Dog and cats, living together. Mass hysteria!" - Dr. Venkman - Ghostbusters

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