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Someone's knocking at my door, Somebody's ringing the bell

The holidays are coming and that’s when we get more phone calls about door behavior, as many of us are having more guests at our home than usual.  For our canine companions, the doorbell or the sound of knocking often has a lot of emotions and associated behaviors attached. If you have multiple dogs, it can be double, triple, or even quadruple the fun!

Now is the time to start preparing, so that your dogs can learn to be polite when that doorbell rings. More guests than usual can be nice for the humans but it can be exciting or stressful for many dogs. Knowing your canine companions and what is best for them in each situation is important. Some dogs might be happier not having to face the stress of lots of humans and kids coming to their home and may be happier in a back room or in a kennel with a food puzzle toy. If you are sure your canine companion is comfortable with people entering the home, start work now on door behavior and eliminating the excitement, jumping and door dashing. 

At Canine Companion Consulting, we come to your home as a team, one of us will knock or ring the bell (Wayne has an amazing doorbell finger!) and one of us will guide you and your canine companion(s) to find the best solution for your dog(s) and family. In addition to what we teach you, we recommend that you speak to your guests on the phone prior to arrival or have a sign on your door with clear and concise directions to follow. Preparing and practicing prior to your guests arrival will help make you and your canine companions successful. In our Canine Basics Class we teach dogs polite greetings, stay and a go to you bed cue, all of which will help dogs be more polite at the front door. You should enjoy your guests and not get stressed yourself about having friends and family over.

Door behavior
Sammy has a frozen Kong stuffed with canned dog food. We always have a few in the freezer.

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