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Fence Fighting

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

Does your dog fight with your neighbor's dogs through the fence? Are the dogs barking and running the fence line? We suggest that you reach across the fence and see if your neighbor would like to invest in training with you. There is no additional charge for additional dogs. In fact, you can save if you can agree to split the cost of the training. The result will be a quieter and calmer neighborhood and you will get to know you neighbor a bit better. If your neighbor is not interested in training, then we can still work with you and your canine companions on fence fighting. One easy thing you can do to decrease fence fighting is to observe your canine companion while they are outside and prevent them from practicing a behavior you want to eliminate. An additional idea is to increase your canine companion's mental stimulation with the help of food puzzle toys. There are other techniques that we could implement based on the duration and intensity of the behaviors. We welcome the opportunity to meet with you to evaluate and start work on the behaviors you would like to modify.

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