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Last-Minute Door Behavior Tips

Perhaps you have not yet taken the time to teach your canine companion polite greetings or door manners. Or, perhaps you don't practice as much as you would like due to not having people over often enough. Consider these easy last-minute tips for when guests arrive:

1) Give your pup a frozen stuffed Kong from the freezer as folks walk in the door. Perhaps if you stuff it with turkey, canned dog food, or something extra special, your dog will concentrate on the scrumptious treat rather than trying to greet your guests.

2) Leash your dog and don't let him greet your guests until he calms down.

3) Ask your dog to do something he knows well. If your dog is doing what you ask, he won't do something you don't want him to do. If your dog is sitting, he can't jump on your guests.

4) Throw treats on the ground in the opposite direction of your guests as they walk in the door. This may be just enough of a distraction and time for your dog to calm down (we don't recommend this for households with multiple dogs).

5) If your pups trigger off the sound of the doorbell or knocking, ask your guests not to ring the doorbell or knock, but to let you know when they are coming and to just walk in.

6) Consider the possibility that your canine companion is just not comfortable around guests and crowds and would be better off in a back room with her Kong, Himalayan Chew, or other food puzzle toy.

7) Exercise your dog prior to your guests' arrival with a flirt pole made by Wayne.

Depending on your dog, one or more of these techniques should help your pups settle down after the initial greeting so you can enjoy your holiday meal.

We are so thankful to have you, family/friends, each other, and our pups in our lives!

illustration of polite dog greetings

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