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Pandemic Pups

Pandemic pups are what we call the Canine Companions that have been raised during this pandemic. There are two main areas of concern for these pups. The first concern is having these canines comfortable being home alone. Many of these pups have not been left alone very much, or ever, in their whole short lives! Thus, they may have anxiety when they are left alone. When we eventually start to go out more, this is going to be a big problem. It is best to teach your dog to be comfortable being alone now and not wait till you have to leave them because this may make your pup worse. Consider using a live camera to video your dog in your absence while you go for a short walk or sit outside near your home. This way, if your dog seems anxious you can get back to your dog quickly. Usually, the first 15 minutes will be sufficient time to know how your dog is doing alone. We are happy to watch the video you take and give your our expert opinion and feedback on what we see. Just contact us for our Dropbox link.

The second area of big concern is having a canine comfortable in the world without stress, fear or anxiety. Although it may seem cute when your pup is cowering and hiding when she is afraid of something or someone, this can escalate to look like barking, nipping and lunging if not addressed prior to maturity.  Although we can teach pups to be comfortable in their environment later in life, it is easier to do so when it starts and is not rehearsed. Remember practice makes perfect! Enrolling in a class can help immensely with a canine’s socialization and comfort in his or her environment.

separation anxiety
C'mon guys. This isn't funny any more. Come home now!

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