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Sacrifices We Make

Updated: Dec 24, 2018

As I started my usual cleaning routine of our home, I began to think of how being a pet parent and having a clean home is so very incompatible. If I did not have furry friends living in my home, my house would be so much cleaner and would be far less maintenance! Then I look over at their adorable faces. Without them, the house would be so empty. Our house would not be a home. There would be a void in my life. The connections and lessons learned from being with them are enormous.  In rewarding relationships there are always sacrifices, compromises, rewards, and learning. What have your pets taught you? What do you do differently as a result of your canine companion(s)?

Sigh… I guess I better get back to cleaning up the hair and drool.

What would I do without these two boys?

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