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Things You Did Not Know About Dogs

1. We train humans, not dogs. It is your dog; we want you to be able to train your dog when we are not present

2. While there is no central regulatory body or licensure for dog training (unfortunately), we hold ourselves to the highest standard and are certified by two well established and trusted accrediting bodies: The International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC) and Fear Free Pets.

3. Dogs are not wolves nor are they humans in fur coats. They are dogs and they are all individuals, regardless of their breed.

4. Dogs do not understand words, they associate sounds with behaviors. So be clear in the words (sounds) you use to be more effective in using your cues.

5. Dogs often do not generalize well. If you teach your dog to down-stay at home, it doesn't mean they will necessarily do it at another location, such as at a park.

6. A recent study of 13,700 pet dogs found that 72.5% of them show at least one form of canine anxiety! Help your canine be comfortable in the world and work to relieve that anxiety to become a confident, calm canine.

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