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Training Moments

When training dogs, many people mistakenly think that they need to block off 30 minutes or an hour of time where they need to just focus on training their dog. This makes training feel like a chore that will easily be skipped if something else comes along. Instead, make training time a fun experience and not have it last too long. Training can be done in moments, not sessions. For whatever behaviors you are training to, find moments throughout your day and just practice once or twice. Do this as many times during the day as you can. You will find that this just becomes part of your routine and it becomes a habit rather than a chore. This is an easy way for your dog to learn new behaviors and strengthen existing ones.

Take advantage of all of the times your dog wants something. Most dogs get fed twice a day,  so you have two clear opportunities to practice with a jackpot reward. For dogs that lov

e to go on walks or run around in the backyard, just putting on the leash or opening the door are opportunities to practice what you are training to. Just ask for that sit, down, look, or stay, then clip the leash or open the door as the reward. No treats are necessary! Just use all of the times your dog wants something as a way to reward for doing something you are working on in training. This creates great habits of positive responses and only takes a few moments every time. 

What does your dog want in the moment? Think about it and you will likely find an abundance of opportunities just waiting for that training moment.

Will work for food!

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