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Trek and Treat

Here are two items to consider bringing on your walks during the colder times of the year that we have been using. We thought you and your canine companions might want to try them out too. Using food rewards for training can be very effective, but your timing needs to be good. Unfortunately, during these cold wintery days, getting treats out in the moment can be difficult with cold hands and wearing gloves. To further complicate things, walking with your dog in the snow and ice can be treacherous. A bad slip can ruin your day, your week, or even your year. We have solutions for both of those problems!

First, to avoid slipping, get yourself a pair of Snow Trax or Icetreckkers by YakTrax, (we found the Snow Trax at Costco for $10). Wearing these ice traction crampons will have you walking confidently in any snowy or icy conditions. They can be put on whatever shoes you wear walking, running or trekking. We use these out and about with our dogs and find ourselves not worrying about falling and as a result the walks are much more enjoyable.

Second, to help with your ability to effectively treat your dog on a walk or at other times, we have a brilliant solution; a toothpaste tube! See the video below to see it in action. When you have an empty tube of toothpaste, cut off the closure seam at the end. Thoroughly wash it of all traces of tooth paste. Then, fill the tube with a pate’ style canned dog food, peanut butter or other soft cream like food and clip the end with a bag clip or binder clip. If you don’t want to use a toothpaste tube, you can buy a Coghlans squeeze tube at just about any camping supply store. Now you have an easy tool for dispensing yummy treats to your dog without the fuss of fumbling for treats and it can easily be done with your gloves on. This also works well when you want to give your dog continuous reinforcement for good behavior instead of giving your dog multiple treats. We hope these tools will make your winter walks more enjoyable!

All Things Dog

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