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We Don't Need to See It!

One aspect of dog training most people do not intuitively get is that, most of the time, we do not need to see the behaviors we will be working to change. We are often presented with the statement, "My dog is terrified of [insert scary thing here]. Let me show you,” or "My dog hates [insert hated thing here]. Let me show you." As a general rule, we never want to cause the behaviors we are trying to change or terrify your dog unnecessarily. Why have your dog practice something we don't want her doing? Over the last decade, we have seen more fear, anxiety, aggression, and stress than we would ever like to see, mostly through video of the behaviors taken before we are called. What we want to see is the dog NOT being afraid, stressed, or anxious. We will ask you detailed questions about your canine companions behaviors to elicit the information we will need to help you help your canine companion. Our work is put towards eliminating the behavior you are trying to change and we do not want to create situations that may increase the stress for any reason. Practice makes perfect so let’s practice the behaviors we actually want.

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