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What Might Be Causing the Behavior Problem?

As you all know, we are dog science nerds. We enjoy reading about research being conducted regarding dogs. We like to share information that we think is directly impactful to you and your canine companions.

In a study, conducted at several veterinary locations around the world, researchers found that the co-occurrence of pain and behavioral problems ranges from 28% to 82% of all cases, with hip and spine pain being the most prevalent, (Mills, et. al., 2020).

Have you or someone you know ever been cranky and irritable when in pain? I am sure the answer is yes. Our dogs can get the same way when they are in pain or are feeling discomfort. It is for that reason, we always want to first rule out any medical condition because it can affect behavior.

Especially if there is a sudden onset of a behavior change, with no clear explanation, or persistent behavior that seems resistant to training, then we always recommend that your dog get a thorough and complete check-up from your veterinarian. Treating the medical issue can, in some cases, eliminate the need for behavioral intervention or make the training issues resolve faster. This can also help ensure your pup is feeling happy and healthy.

Stay tuned for our next Words of WOOFdom, where we will address how long behavior change can take If your canine companion has received a clean bill of health from your veterinarian!

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