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Who Wants to Have Fun?!

Do you want to have fun while you mentally and physically stimulate your dog, teach your dog a new skill, and build your canine companion’s confidence? This is the class for you and your canine companion. ‘Agility for Fun’ is a beginner class, so your dog does not need to know any basic cues to be successful, just that he or she wants to have a bit of fun with you. This class is held in a fenced, outdoor yard on professional-grade agility equipment.

Our Agility for Fun Classes don't have timers, are not for competition, and are designed for fun, though, not only for fun. There are SO many more benefits to agility than it just being fun:

  • Develops self-control: Dogs learn to wait for your cues to navigate the equipment.

  • Helps with distraction training: There are lots of dogs, humans, and smells for your dog to work with and around!

  • Building that bond: We know the bond with your dog is strong but with the addition of training that bond can be even stronger.

  • Physical and mental challenges: This can be an outlet for your dog to release energy positively.

  • Confidence building: Dogs will learn to go in, over, and around obstacles which means they will be challenged to problem-solve.

  • Exercise for you: In our classes, pet parents need to be able to walk (not run), which will help you keep in shape!

Dogs of all breeds and sizes can enjoy and benefit from agility. We have had every size from Chihuahuas to Great Danes in our classes. We believe agility is for EVERY mobile dog. We can adjust the course for any physical concerns or limitations.

We now offer a 4-week Agility for Fun Level 2 class for those who have already completed our ‘Agility for Fun! Level 1 class (or its equivalent) and would like to take the fun to the next level. Enjoy instructor-led fun on a professional-level course without the stress of a timer or points. Improve your dog's confidence, skills, and most of all, your relationship with your canine companion. 

If you are interested but not quite ready for a class, we can also do some agility work in a Private, 1-on-1 setting.

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