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Will Work For Food

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

Try this for one week if you can. Get rid of your food bowls and feed your dog all his meals, or at least one of his meals, in a food puzzle toy daily. When you feed your canine companion with food puzzle toys, your dog is guaranteed mental stimulation at least once or twice each day.

There are many food puzzle toys on the market and some you can simply make. Depending on your dog, you may try a few of the items suggested below…

The Kong is one of our all-time favorite food puzzle toys as they are durable and can be put in the dishwasher and freezer and be refilled. We fill ours with canned dog food and then put them in the freezer. We always have frozen Kongs ready to go!

If you have a muffin tray and some tennis balls, simply place your dog’s food in each or most of the muffin holes and then cover each with a tennis ball.  Watch your dog try to figure out where the food is and how to remove the balls.

Another food puzzle toy we use often is a rubber ball with holes in it. Put a piece of food or a cookie inside the toy for your pup to get out. This one may be more useful for a treat and not a meal.

The Kong Wobbler is great to feed your dog his kibble. Fill it up with his meal and watch the kibble fly. If you remember Weebles, then this toy will make lots of sense. See below, for a short video of some of the food puzzle toys described above.

Will work for food!

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