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Your Dog is Ready!

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

We have a Happy Handling program in which we teach our canine companions to be comfortable with necessary medical exams and grooming in order to have a happy and healthy dog.

One of the questions we get is how do I know when my dog is ready to go to the next step of training? The answer is you can tell by the dog’s body language or the dog can do something to demonstrate he or she is ready for the steps of Happy Handling.

I have been working with Chobani on brushing his teeth. When we started this training, he did not like me to put my hands near his mouth. It is always important to rule out any medical issue that can be associated with being uncomfortable with any kind of handling. For Chobani, I know his mouth is fine because he recently had an examination, dental and x-rays. However, I know that won't be the case if I don't  take a more active role in routine dental care going forward. 

As you can see from the video below, we are still working towards our goal of brushing his teeth but he has learned to give me a signal that "I am ready" for you to touch my teeth. He gives me a signal (he touches his nose to my palm). This gives some of the control back to our canines as well as helps us know when to progress to the next step. After this video was filmed, I was able to touch the tooth brush to his teeth but we are still working toward the actual brushing.  With time and patience we will get there! 

Another part of Happy Handling is teaching your pup to be comfortable with Nail Trims. For a copy of this recorded 2 hour webinar email or call us!

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